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This is a place where women can feel emotionally and physically safe, our main purpose is to offer and protect freedom of expression without fear of reprisal; where the rules are to guard each person's self-worth and dignity and endorse mutual respect. 

We're happy we've found each other


We are a worldwide community of Ghanaian women, bonded together by friendship, sisterhood and a common goal to support, encourage, inspire and empower each other to become the best version of ourselves.

The Gurl Kode is a nonprofit, non-governmental and non-religious organisation that provides an empowering space for women to be themselves, have conversations about issues that are important to them, use their voice and feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable.


The fulcrum of this community revolves around starting conversations on all topics that are pertinent to women in particular and the wider society. Our conversations are unstructured, organic and unpredictable, which forms the basis for open and honest dialogue that produce a shift in perspectives and a deep desire to cause change.


The Gurl Kode also gives women the opportunity to share knowledge,  network, augment our strengths and build each other up. We believe every woman has a voice and needs only to feel empowered to use it for herself and the things she cares about while also giving others the same opportunity to be heard.


Our Story

For the past 18 years, we haven't lived in the same country or continent at the same time. Separated by physical distance, time difference and new cultures, the only way we stay in touch is through regularly telephone chats and recently through video calls.

When we get on the phone or computer, not only do we chit chat about the latest fashion trends but the conversation often steers towards the current political climate in Ghana, the gains made by women in technology, engineering or some other male-dominated field, or even serious issues such as child abuse, domestic violence or period poverty. 

Through constant conversations over the years, we have grown together and been able to impact each other with our acquired education, work and life experiences, which has ultimately lead to a stronger bond, love and friendship between us.

During one of our regular conversations, we asked what if there was a platform/space where women like us can meet to talk about issues that matter to them, where everyone can be their authentic self, open to learn, share, explore and grow together to form a strong bond of sisterhood, and what if through this platform we are able to spark conversations about issues that will ultimately cause us to effect change in our society?

This long question, lead to the creation of the Gurl Kode in 2018.

Maame & Naa


Naa Otua

My first job when fresh out of high school was working as a fundraising officer for a local women empowerment non-profit. Being able to help provide livelihood and better conditions for vulnerable women through advocacy and fundraising, and witnessing first-hand the dramatic improvement and impact of the work we did, resonated deeply with me and set me a life-long path of championing the cause of women.

Mercedes Ankrah-Brooks

I am a firm believer in the saying that change starts with the person in the mirror. I want to change the world, starting with me. I draw my strengths from being able to help others, particularly children and women. Over the past 15 years, my career has involved working in childhood development and child protection. I am passionate about impacting and causing a positive change in mindset through the little everyday things, such as a chat with a stranger, an advice to a friend or a conversation with my professor. 

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Our Vision

What Sets Us Apart

There are so many prescriptions out there for what women should and should not be. The Gurl Kode offers an environment that welcomes every woman as she is, we encourage authenticity, while providing opportunities for both individual and collective growth. 

Our vision is to be an outlet that supports and empowers women in ALL aspects of their lives.


We are constantly seeking ways to grow our community and appreciate any type of support that we can get. Please select which support option is best suited for you at this time. You can also contact us here to discuss other ways you will like to support the Gurl Kode if not listed below

Visit the Koded Shop for a selection of branded apparel, accessories and must-haves. Make a purchase to support the Gurl Kode. 

Volunteer your time, expertise or resources to support the Gurl Kode


Make a one-time or ongoing donation to support the Gurl Kode



On the first and third Sundays of every month, we meet virtually to discuss selected or topical issues that affect women. The Gurl Kode Chat is the place


Every year, we select one women-centric charity/cause to support through fundraising, volunteering or donation of items


A monthly digital magazine powered by real life. The Koded Mag seeks to capture the lived experiences of Ghanaian women, both home and abroad, to share stories, ideas, and inspiration that looks and sounds like us.


We all deserve a good day or weekend or night out with our girlfriends, bonding over the things that bring joy and meaning to our live. These events are held in every city where Koded Gurls are based - Accra, London, Kumasi, New York, Washington DC etc.


The online shop for all Gurl Kode merchandise. Discover unique pieces and great gift ideas.




Expert-led trainings and workshop for business owners, creatives, parents, employees and anyone who could benefit with some professional or personal improvements.

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